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Luz Maria Foundation and Fundacion Luz Maria in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Dr. Luz Maria Utrera speaking at the UN NGO Committee

DC represents Luz Maria Foundation in Europe

The Diplomatic Council has officially taken over as the representative of the Luz Maria Foundation (Fundacion Luz Maria) in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The Luz Maria Foundation is headquartered in North America (USA) and South America (Argentina) with separate legal entities, which are both recognised as non-profit organisations under national law. Since further legal entities are not planned in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Diplomatic Council has agreed to officially act as the representative for this region. A cooperation agreement was signed in New York for this purpose.

Help for women in need

The Luz Maria Foundation helps women who suffer domestic violence and women in need by providing the tools they need to move forward in their lives during their times of struggle. The Luz Maria Foundation works and signs agreements to promote, defend and disseminate DDHH (human rights) for women, children and adolescents. It works together with other human rights NGOs to create awareness about domestic violence in order to make a better and safer world for all. The Foundation also enjoys the consultative status with the United Nations.

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